İtalyan kesim ceket yelek pantolon damatlık set benekli siyah T6154
İtalyan kesim ceket yelek pantolon damatlık set benekli siyah T6154

Italian Style Jacket Waistcoat Trousers Grooming Set Spotted Black T6154

Discount Rate : %30 Discount
Price : $399.99(Vat included)
Discounted : $279.99(Vat included)
Stock Amount : 0

We kindly ask you to write the shoe number you use for the groom's shoes in the order note section or as a message on the platform.

Product Contents: Jacket+Waistcoat+Pants+Shoes+ Shirt+Cufflinks+Bow Tie+ Handkerchief + Collar Pin or Boutonniere + Suit Cover

When 100% Leather Shoes are Preferred, There Will Be a Price Difference

The Groom Pattern: Slim Fit

Washing: Dry Clean Only

Attention Please: Size Description

Weight must be entered in kilograms. 


Size 44 Suitable for 50-59 Weight

Size 46 Suitable for 60-67 Weight

Size 48 Suitable for 68-74 Weight

Size 50 Suitable for 75-79 Weight

Size 52 Suitable for 80-86 Weight

Size 54 Suitable for 87-94 Weight

Size 56 Suitable for 95-100 Weight

Size 58 Suitable for 101-106 Weight

Model Information

Height:176 Weight:66 Used Size: 46


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It will vary between 2-4 working days.

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